Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plan of Attack

Today is the 21st of May. I leave the country on the 24th of June, at 5 am. So the days in which I am able to get my to-do list worked on number 34. And the to-do list is comprised of the following items.

  • Write 7 short stories. 
    • I promised!
  • Move house
    • Clean the house from top to bottom, 
    • pack all the things, 
    • move all the things.
  • Twice
    • Yes, three weeks after I do it once, I get to do it again. 
    • YEEHAH.
  • Work 20 days out of the 34.
    • Making me approximately $1300.00 I can spend on things like SHOES. 
    • And food and debt.
    • Mostly debt.
  • Buy shoes
    • Snow boots, no matter how well-ventilated with broken heels, don't work so well in California. Or so I hear.
  • Also buy backup hard drive, and other necessaries. 
    • Possibly a suitcase with a zipper that doesn't try to eat anything except its other half. I hear they're fashionable now.
  • Apply for student loans.
    • Yeah, this is pretty darn non-negotiable.
  • See x-men: first class
    • It's a matter of honour.
  • Sleep.
    • Going into Clarion sleep-deprived would be BAD. VERY BAD.
  • Eat. 
    • It's good for the brain.
  • Read.
    • The more books I own that I can read, the less I have to ship.
    • Also, it's good for the writing. 
    • And the soul.
  • Buy travel tickets so that I can get home from the states.
  • In related news, I also have to arrange places to stay and people to visit on the trip back. 
    • Friends with houses you can stay at. They're for winners, you know.
  • I like bullet points.
  • Also it looks like I should get busy!


Bahnree said...

You busy bee! Good luck with it all. Just do a few things each day. Lists are your friend. Also, caffeine. Go go go.

I really want to see Captain America, as well. And sorta want to see Pirates.

Snazel said...

Lists ARE my friend. Maybe I should keep updating the lists. And adding more Caffeine.

Mmmmm, Caffeine.

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