Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm better disguised than I thought.

So, at work, one of the customers said "Oh, what a lovely accent," and I assumed she was talking about me. Not that I assume naturally that my accent is "lovely," but I've been told enough times that I have one, that one of my core beliefs is that I "talk funny." So I smiled, and said "mine?"


It turns out she was referring to my english co-worker, and clarified this by saying. "No, you're just a regular Newfie!" *reproachful stare at me* *wistful stare at my co-worker with the accent*

It wasn't the most complimentary way to be told that after going on ten years of living in Newfoundland, I've finally acclimatized. But this is a good development? I think?


Bahnree said...

LOL sad day! But funny story.
I've never noticed your accent...but I tend to not notice unless someone is talking so thick I can't understand them. LOL. Ahem.

Snazel said...

And yeah, people tend to notice my word choice over my accent. :P And my tendency to walk into things/hit myself in the face/wave my hands wildly/talk to inanimate objects/make faces at and threaten inanimate objects.

Huh, on second thought maybe I don't have to give up my identity as "weird" right yet. :D

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