Friday, September 16, 2011

Poem of the Day #3

Wanda Why Aren't You Dead
Wanda Coleman

wanda when are you gonna wear your hair down
wanda. that's a whores's name
wanda why ain't you rich
wanda you know no man in his right mind want a
         ready-made family
why don't you lose weight
wanda why are you so angry
how come your feet are so goddamn big
can't you afford to move out of this hell hole
if i were you were you were you
wanda what is it like being black
i hear you don't like black men
tell me you're ac/dc. tell me you're a nympho. tell me you're
        into chains
wanda i don't think you really mean that
you're joking. girl, you crazy
wanda what makes you so angry
wanda i think you need this
wanda you have no humor in you you too serious
wanda i didn't know i was hurting you
that was an accident
wanda i know what you're thinking
wanda i don't hink they'll take that off of you

wanda why are you so angry

i'm sorry i didn't remember that that that
that that that was so important to you

wanda you're ALWAYS on the attack

wanda wanda wanda i wonder

why ain't you dead

From Heavy Daughter Blues: Poem and Stories. 1968-1986


Bahnree said...

I like it.

Snazel said...

Me too. :D

I found it in my anthology and I was like; "hey, you know... maybe I can make friends with poetry. It's not all clouds and hillsides!"

Kemendraugh said...

and daffodils. Chortle. I always think of the Eyre affair and I wandered lonely as a cloud. Oh, Wordsworth.

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