Wednesday, September 14, 2011




No really, things are going pretty well for me! I am basically flirting with Death financially, but I have at least until the end of the month until I start paying my line of credit with my Visa and thereby escalating to making out with Death. Hopefully before that time I can get a job. In hopes for AVOIDING keeping Death as my boyfriend, tomorrow I'm going to go harass the local burger shop and coffee shop and two grocery stores I applied at last week.

Now on the flip side of the coin, classes are a mixture of extreme fear and extreme interest. Ancient History seems like it's going to be lovely. It's focusing on the Old Testament (to no one's surprise) but I feel like I've heard those stories enough times that I actually know them fairly well. And then I can focus on the awesome surrounding history, including orgy-tastic (direct quote from teacher) fertility rites, and the rise and fall of other empires, and how different empires subdued their conquered areas-- etc. I am looking forward to that class. :D

French is challenging, again to no one's surprise, but the teacher is making a strong effort to make it both fun and comprehensible for those of us who have no language history. (Hallelujah!) Plus, any subject where I can watch a comedy and feel legitimately that it was homework-related because it was in French (I read the subtitles) is a win! I am quite determined not to do what I did with Latin and fall so far behind I am unable to catch up. Actually I should be listening to my vocab now... psh I'll finish writing this first.

Let's see-- International Studies shows great potential to be awesome. It's a discussion-based class, and there are some strong opinions on either sides of several debates. We started out today with a discussion on whether socialism is a realistic response to an anarchistic situation, which I think was heard two streets up. And a major part of my mark will be building a website/blogging, which is clearly another win.

I haven't had the philosophy class yet, as it's in an intensive format, but I've done the reading. And the reading is scary. Many words I don't know. "Logical Positivism," for example. 'Nuff said.

And then we come to English. English is weird. Weird for my brain to process. Taking someone else's words and taking them over, running away with someone's images and using them ENTIRELY the way you want to, with almost no attention paid to what the author wanted, just your reading that is important-- that's bizarre to me. I'm committing the fallacy of intention left right and centre. :D But aside from the AUGH I"M DOING IT WRONG panic attack, I get to read lovely poems. I never liked poetry before, but I'm starting to learn how it works, and I'm making friends with it. :D (Yes, you will see more poetry here in the future.)

So that's the download of my life. Have a good life OH WAIT ONE MORE THING!

Several of the classes require journaling, blogging or otherwise regularly responding to material. So, in an attempt to make it comprehensible, I will probably cross-post it here. Be prepared for verbose blogging!



Tim Susman said...

Si tu veux pratiquer ton francais, tu peux toujour m'écrire. :)

Spartezda said...

Classes sound fun. Flirting with Death/financial disaster, uh...does not.


Good luck on the job hunt?

Bahnree said...

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

*watches you make out with Death with interest*

"I'm crazy about po-ET-tree."

Merc said...

I approve of more Snazel blogging!

Merc said...

(Also, I hear Death is not a good long-term bf, so I hope you can break up soon.)

Snazel said...

@Tim: Oui monsieur, Merci! Tres petite lettre. And what's the French word for ungrammatical....
@Sparky: Thank you! :D Actually I got a payback of my pension from work, (hahah, pension) so I can hold Death off for another few months. HA DEATH WE ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE I AM ALSO NECKING ACADEMIA. Ahem.
@Bahnree: You are such an exhibitionist. Gosh. Oh wait-- *realizes who is doing the activity being watched* *slinks away*
@Merc: Heheheheheh. Thank you! :D Your commend made me lol irl. :D

Pine Cone Boy said...

I think Logical Positivism may be an oxymoron? Or possibly just a moron. ANYWAY THIS IS WHY GOD CREATED WIKIPEDIA RIGHT

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