Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poem of the Day #4

Ten Years and More
Miriam Waddington

When my husband
lay dying a mountain
a lake three
cities ten years
and more
lay between us:

There were our
sons my wounds
and theirs,
despair loneliness,
handfuls of un-
hammered nails
pictures never
hung all

The uneaten
meals and unslept
sleep: there was
retirement, and
worst of all
a green umbrella
he can never
take back.

I wrote him a
letter but all
I could think of
to say was do you
remember Severn
River, the red canoe
with the sail
and lee-boards?

I was really saying
for the sake of our
youth and our love
I forgave him for
and I was asking him
to forgive me too.

From Collected Poems.


Bahnree said...

My creys Jasmine why would you do that. :C

Snazel said...

Because it is so sad and so beautiful?

Kemendraugh said...

It is so sad and beautiful. Agree.

Snazel said...


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