Thursday, March 12, 2009

“Silence does not necessarily mean a secret.”

"Yeah, with some people. Who you aren't."

Sarti and Kael, you are so much fun to write. *happy* I'm never sure what you're going to say. Not the most PC pair, those two. And soon you talk to Tenish! And Jaslyn! And Jole! Fun times on the horizon! 

And it's not really getting easier to write, no. I still look at my novel and go "mehhhhh...." But my oh my I love it so much. *grins madly* If I can just ignore the burning hatred of the quality of what I just wrote, and revel in my characters, it's SO MUCH FUN. So I'm basically in a passionately love-hate relationship with writing.  *ponders* That does seem to be pretty representative of me. And my relationships. And my sanity. *coughs*

But hurrah for writing Kael again! My crazy messed up girl. :D Tonight, we plan. *heroic music swells as I stare hungrily at my keyboard*

Oh wait, my parents have people downstairs. Which means that I have a nervous stomach ache. Which means that I either go down there in pain, or curl up on my bed and wait for them to go away. Decisions, decisions...


Bahnree said...

I love Tenish. *drools*

*cough* I mean, go be a good child.

Kendra said...

I love Tenish, but am still willing to give him up. Just not to Stephanie :P Also, I love Jole. Mmm, maybe I can has Jole?
*anticipates more writing*

Snazel said...

You want JOLE? You have to watch him on weekends to make sure he doesn't kill himself. That seems a little, excessive for you.

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