Thursday, June 11, 2009

"... a decided Negative."

I wrote 2,477 words today. Of that, 2,070 was written after 22:20. WHYY?????

Actually, I don't totally hate all of it either, which is new and exciting. :P Jennet was AWESOME. *hugs her* I knew you could do it, girly. And Neph. Wow. Neph was also SUCH a man. I need to rewrite that just to show how much of a man he was. Let's see. Howling was disturbing and I tried to kill him twice, though it didn't work. Oh, and Tenish. *sniffs* Tenish was just as leet as ever. Gosh, I need to get to something happy soon. Maybe I can marry off Terra and Pepper, really sickeningly sweetly?


Bahnree said...

I refuse to rise to the bait that something bad happened to Tenish. *resolute*

Snazel said...

There is no bait, only truth.

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