Sunday, June 14, 2009

This novel makes me feel so very non-professional.

Alugh! I keep writing myself/my characters into plot traps! I write these scenes which seem like such a good idea going in, and then I don't know how to get them out of said scenes!
  • If you saw the police advancing on where you knew two of your friends were doing something illegal, would you look around for police advancing on yourself? Or would you go to see if you could help your friends? What would you even do to help?
  • If you were trying to escape an enemy base, and you came across a five year old girl who belongs to the enemy, who works there, would you dispose of her? Take her along? As a hostage or an escapee? Would you just leave her there and hope she doesn't raise an alarm?
  • If you were trying to break a small group out of a prison, and then you found that there was another group of helpless prisoners the group you're rescuing thinks are innocents, would you bring them along? Or leave them behind?

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