Monday, April 26, 2010

Command Decision, Elizabeth Moon

Continuing in the Vatta's War series! I read three books in four days, while working full time and pretending to write my own stories. I think you should know this. *nods* My total tardiness in writing the reviews is only because I am terribly slow at writing reviews, not because the books are slow. *nods again*

So, where were we?

Oh, yes. Kylara Vatta, her cousin Stella, her cousin's ex-lover Rafe, and her great Aunt Grace are all neck deep in political, military and economic machinations. However, I can't tell you about them, because of spoiler-related reasons. It's tragic, I know.

Oh, okay, maybe a little. Rafe goes home to check out his family, since as we all know, he's such a family man. I mean, when we first meet him he's acting as a fence on a disreputable space station, and he gets described as "roguish." Doesn't that say family man to you? Totally says family man to me. *nods* So he goes home. And then he finds that things aren't quite like he expected. For one thing, the plants are dead. For another, his room is exactly like he left it. For the son of a dedicated gardener, who was told to get out of the house and not come back, this is rather disconcerting. (Don't you think it's disconcerting? I think it's disconcerting.) So he starts looking around, and figures out that, well... You know how Bad Things have been happening to the Vatta family, and their company? They're not the only ones who've been hit with sudden bad luck.

Just so you know, the body count is rather startlingly high. Startling because I'm used to YA, yes, but also, well, I'm used to life being kinder. People just don't DIE like that! Don't they? *decides her family is unimportant, so there's no danger*

And speaking of Body Count, Ky is off being Ky. Things go Boom. People are motivated. Secret Technology is used. Pirates Pirate. Pirates go Boom. Good Guys go Boom. Pretty boys try really, really hard to go Boom. (Is that a euphemism? I'll never tell. ^_^)

And it all led up to a grand denouncement, and then the book stopped. GLEHHHHHH. If you're going to read this series, you really should know it's mostly like one book, just in five volumes. It's like her editor looked at the reams of paper Ms. Moon had just broken her desk with and said "Great book, let's draw and quarter it." But I gave it four stars out of five, so clearly I liked it. :D


Bahnree said...

I need to read Elizabeth Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

Snazel said...

DUDE. Yes. Do it. DO IT NOW.

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