Saturday, April 3, 2010

I love Japan! And Exclamation points!

Oh, new contest! Must warn you!

Emily Horner is giving away three ARCs of her upcoming Debut, A Love Story: Starring My Dead Best Friend. ALSO she'll give the winners something cool from Japan! AND *drumroll please* it's open internationally!

*happy squee about international contests*

Here's what she has to say about it!
I am giving out THREE ARCs of A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend, and each winner will also get a nifty thing from Japan. Will it be something from the Ghibli museum? Something from the youth culture mecca of Harajuku or the geek culture mecca of Akihabara? Traditional Japanese handicrafts? I don’t know! If you have a preference, please say so when you enter the contest, but I won’t guarantee anything beyond it being something I personally find cool, and wouldn’t necessarily be able to get in the US.
You can enter here! Go! Comment! Dream of pretty things from Japan!


Pine Cone Boy said...

Maybe it will be an underwear vending machine, like they have in that country.

Snazel said...

Or maybe it will be a beer vending machine, which they also have! EVEN BETTER, no?

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