Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marque and Reprisal, Elizabeth Moon

I really like science fiction. I like it for its scope, and its ability to comment on social and political ideas, and for its acceptance of detail, and for its technology. Oh, I do like me some technology. I like seeing how things work, and science fiction is a genre which reliably guides me through the working of all KINDS of things. And since it's it's in story form, it's fun and mixed up with treason, or something. :D

Squee banking!

Yes, I did say banking. Because this book manages to make banking interesting, and relevant to the story. Anyone who can do that has my wholehearted respect. Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of an Elizabeth Moon fangirl? Especially after reading this book. (And the series.)

So, here's a bit of the plot. Kylara Vatta was a promising up and coming young officer in Slotter Key's version of the Royal Military College, until she was nice to the wrong person, got kicked out, dumped by her boyfriend, and suddenly back in the family shipping business. BORING change from the military to moving parcels, right? Er, not so much...

That was last book in the series, and Kylara is several systems away from home, having defeated a bunch of terrorists and mutineers. It's time to restock and get back to making a profit. But first she needs to get through the necessary paperwork from last book, and talk to the family. She's in a call with the family when they are attacked by someone unknown, and communications go down. The timing of the call dropping is pretty providential, though, because she goes to see about fixing this, just in time to miss some assassins.

Assassins require more paperwork, much less the attempt to blow up her ship while she's explaining to the police that those men totally had guns pointed at her, and all the time it is becoming clearer that things are going seriously bad. You thought terrorist attacks and assassins were bad? Try freakishly co-ordinated terrorist attacks on everyone in your family, all over the galaxy- from what you manage to hear, because communications are down. Everything is hearsay, rumours and flying thick and fast, and the bank is declining to offer you credit so you can get your boat OFF of this place where people are trying to kill you! (I told you banking was relevant.) FINANCE IZ SEW STRESSFUL.

Oh, and you probably think I just gave away the entire plot. Not so. That's, hmmm, a skimming overview of the first couple of chapters. The plot is just like chain mail, I'm telling you.

And the characters are delightful. :D I heart Toby so hard. Only slightly more than Lee, though. And Rafe I heart from a FAR distance. Him and his limes.

I gave it four stars out of five. I really, really liked it. :D

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