Friday, August 13, 2010

Nice And Mean, Jessica Leader

Marina just HAS to get into Video. She just HAS to. Why? Because her friends are ALL in the school play, and she has to have something ELSE to talk about, or they'll take the attention away from her, onto THEMSELVES. And that's just not acceptable. She's going to get IN, and she's going to make an AWESOME video, and she'll keep the attention and adoration on HER, where it BELONGS. Only problem is, she got paired with a total nerd girl, named Sachi. Ew?

Sachi absolotelytotallymust get into video. Because she has to. That's just it. she must get in, so she can make videos. Only her family says she has to be in Test Prep so that she can get into a good high school, so she's resorted to copying her mother's signature off of a credit card and blackmailing her sister to get in. She WANTS this. And then- she's paired with Marina. Who is popular, and- not exactly unused to getting her own way. If she's not careful, she's going to have betrayed her family honour for the right to be Marina's gopher for several weeks. Darn it.

Two very different girls, with very different motivations, and families, and problems, and ideas of what makes a good video.

Prepare for some DRAMA.

I started this book very dubiously. Because it's about 12 year old girls, and to my memory, I was never 12 years old. I have been an adult since I was five. Granted, sometimes I had height issues, but once I explained to people what was REALLY going on, they were fine with it, and they understood that I was really an adult. So I approached this book dubiously, as I said. I am FAR more familiar with and at home in fantasy worlds than I am public schooled girls at age 12.

But I'm in a read-a-thon, so I grimly started in. And my grim mood lasted about ten minutes. This is a fun and funny read, which does a marvellous job of actually showing you two points of view. AND without preaching about it. It just shows two circles of friends, who happen to overlap sometimes, and how they react to TEH DRAMA that is going on all around them. I enjoyed it, and I gave it three stars out of five. :P


Bahnree said...


Snazel said...

Your word is greatly appreciated.

Bahnree said...

I just realized that might have come across as just a TINY bit patronizing. I meant, Congrats on finishing a book, congrats on reading a book about 12-year-olds, congrats on getting into it despite having no memory of being 12...etc...etc... XD

Snazel said...

Heheheheheh. Okay, Thanks for the congrats, AND the clarification.

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