Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poem of the Day #20

Love a child is ever criing
Lady Mary Wroth

Love a child is ever criing
   Please him, and hee straite is flying,
   Give him hee the more is craving
   Never satisfi'd with having;

His desires have noe measure,
   Endles folly is his treasure
   What hee promiseth hee breaketh
   Trust nott one word that he speaketh;

He vowes nothing butt faulce matter,
   And to cousen you hee'l flatter,
   Lett him gaine the hand hee'l leave you,
   And still glory to deseave you;

Hee will triumph in your wayling,
   And yett cause bee of your fayling
   Thes his vertus ar, and slighter
   Ar his guiftes, his favours lighter,

Feathers ar as firme in staying
   Woulves noe fiercer in theyr praying.
   As a child then leave him crying
   Nor seek him soe giv'n to flying.

Lady Mary Wroth-- 1587-1652


Bahnree said...

Suggestions for a William Blake Appreciation Poem of the Day:
"To Winter"
"I feard the fury of my wind"
"How to know Love from Deceit"
"The sword sung on the barren heath" (EPIIIIIC)
"The Smile"
"Auguries of Innocence"
I like "when old corruption first began" because I am a creeper

Snazel said...

*sad face*

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