Friday, February 8, 2008

The answer to that question is both yes and no, in a way....

Word Count: 10,280
Words still to go: 21,667
Coherence: "You mean not every sentence starts with a 3rd person pronoun?"
Panic Level: I have ice cream. It's all good

I should have done this long ago. It makes such a difference to have people to write with; who'll nag me and I them, who understand the complications attacks by random plots puts your life in, and the importance of putting the story down.

People I know talk about music as their drug. I have a growing suspicion that writing is that for me. I'm not saying that I'm any good, but it's something I think I can't not do. It's just a question of whether I do it poorly in my own head or better as I work out the technicalities on paper.

Life is endlessly interesting.

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