Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Let's dance."

I only wrote 8oo and someodd words today, but I feel justified since I was crazy last night.

Word count: 14427
Words to go: 17420
Coherence: Um, er, ah, um, er....
Panic Level: I should work on my weeping on cue, that might be useful!

I'm going to run out. I thought I had a lot of word in what I did today, but as previously mentioned, it only took 800 or so words. I'm not even halfway through yet!

However, I still have somethings that might be good, and so far my favourite bits have been unplanned. There we have it! I need to stop planning, unless I have the doc open in front of me. Otherwise it goes all sparse and terse.

Yeah, this was not an inspired day.

-Why didn't you cut yourself?!
-Oh, I'm good with knives.

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