Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am a complete idiot.

I am unable to manage my time. I fritter it away on unnecessary amusements, and then I expect my friends, who have been working hard while I waste my time, to feel sorry for me for not having my work done.

I worry about pointless things.

I'm so stupidly self-centered, all I think about is myself.

I feel sorry for myself whenever anyone talks about what they are able to do and I am not.

I'm rude to people I care about, in a botched attempt to be amusing or to tell them that I care.

When people try to be nice to me I end up throwing it back in their face, my social skills are so abysmal.

I'm so afraid of intruding that I never tell people that I enjoy their company, and then or course they never even think of me.

Sometimes I really hate myself. Sometimes, I really really really hate myself. I fail at life.

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