Friday, December 18, 2009

Fragile Eternity, Melissa Marr

This is the third book in the Tales Of Faerie series, and it deals with the inevitable outfall of the first two books. Everything has consequences, shifts in power will effect other sources of power, all actions have equal and opposing reactions.

Oh, and Keenan is a jerk. SERIOUSLY. I went from almost liking him in the first book, to being suspicious in the second, to gleefully wishing for his blood in this, the third. Niall punched him out, and my reaction was best summed up in the noise "YEAHHHH." *cough*

Unfortunately, he's also blinkingly charasmatic, and he's linked to Aislinn, who wants to think well of him. Think well of the *censored*. Yes, I feel strongly about this. MAKE YOUR OWN COURT AISLINN! YOU CAN DO IT?!?!?!?!??!!!! SEDUCE HIM THEN STAB HIM IN HIS SLEEP! It would be easy. Like breaking a toothpick!

I think the fact that Keenan got his face time contributed to my anger with this book. Also the fact that I only saw him bleed once. (But it was a good time. Go Dark Court.) I liked all the cameos by the side characters who I've come to know and love in the Dark and Winter courts. I also made friends with the Summer Girls, which was unexpected. But it didn't end with the kind of rousing denouncement I desired, or even with the final tying off of threads that happened with Ink Exchange. So I gave it three stars out of five.

Hey, it's a good thing I don't have, like, standards for these reviews! That might be awkward. :D I can has Radiant Shadows now plz? See Keenan broken prettily?

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Bahnree said...

Hahaha....I hated Keenan in the first book. BUT I liked the fact that I couldn't understand or predict his behavior, because he's, you know, a faerie. They shouldn't make sense.

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