Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"You manage to fit sketch into the least hot situations."

This verdict after a friend read Expendables makes me proud. It probably shouldn't, but I cling to my small gifts, such as turning a hospital cafeteria into a situation for unintentional inappropriateness. Although, given that this was Sarti "showing off her scars" unintentional isn't exactly the right term. ANYHOW.

How's the writing coming, I hear you all ask? *deludes self that there is an attentive audience waiting to hear the response.* Well, my myriad loyal minions, it's not really coming along. I wrote one and a half two pages today! *preens*


That may or may not have been the first writing since Nano... *fiddles with fingers* But in other news, a family friend who is a youth paster and my grandmother both offered to proof read. I beg you for advice. What does one do in that situation? I'm not sure if my writing is grandmother-friendly!

And okay, my lack of sanity is becoming Obvious to all and sundry. Sundry being work mates. I'm rather out of it this week, for reasons including but not limited to;
  1. lack of sleep
  2. Family things out of anyone's control
  3. and mostly- SHINY BOOKS. (You spend enough time in other worlds, the one you are writing just looks, strange and inadequate.)
Why yes, I am blaming Melissa Marr for my lack of writing. *glowers* It's totally your fault, you and your worlds. And Sarah Rees Breenan, with your enticing blog! Totally not my fault that my, characters, have been left in limbo...

*regards characters, who glower ominously*

*Ewan grins unpleasantly, while Laura loads gun*

I may have made a tactical error. And now they're telling me off for blogging instead of writing. I SHALL LEAVE NOW.

(this is in the running for the worst blog entry of all time. I should make a list- later)


Inkblot said...

*is here and reading* :)

Snazel said...

*glomps you* :D

Bahnree said...

Haha this is a great blog, whatcha talking about??? XD

I haven't really written since Nano either....>.> :'(

Family stuff? We should talk.

Spartezda said...

Sarah Rees Brennan's blog is addictive beyond the dreams of Class I controlled drugs...

Snazel said...

@Bahnree: Writing? Who even does that? And Family stuff is just cause it's the first Christmas, so everyone's edgy and remembering.
@Sparky: While I mourn that her account was hacked, it's probably for my own good. Otherwise I'd still be back in 2005, reading avidly.

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