Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reason I love Twitter # 37

This conversation:
  • Snazel: Cleaning my room is so exciting. I always discover random violins and that I do, in fact, own socks.
  • Spartezda: ...You have an infestation of wild violins in your room? Do they chirp mating songs at night like frogs?
  • Snazel: No, there is only one. He sings sad and lonely songs through my dreams.
  • Bahnree: XDDDD Do violins live in a herd? Mob? Flock?
  • Snazel: A flurry of violins? A Collective of Violins? A Murder of Violins?
  • Bahnree: "Collective" makes it sound like a hive mind. But if there's only one, does that work? Is it like the queen violin?
  • Snazel: First violin leads the hive mind?
  • Spartezda: So much is explained now about orchestras...
  • Inksie: *wants wild violins*


Merc said...

Merc: *hearts you all and remembers why she does not drink and read anything in which Certain People may be commenting*

Bahnree said...

Hahaha I missed Inksie's contribution...that is beautiful. ^_^

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