Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Let that city take you in, let that city spit you out, let that city take you down.."

So, I was going to write, wasn't I? HAHAHAH. *cough* Or read books.

Instead I read six years of Least I Could Do, which is a highly hilarious and highly inappropriate web comic. And by "inappropriate," I mean you shouldn't read it if you are under the age of consent in your country. Or if there are small people who might look over your shoulder. (sample from ages ago)

Right, so I asked a question, a while ago. And to my eternal delight, I got answers. *pets silky lovely answers* Unfortunately the answers were pretty much split down the middle. *cough* So it was left up to me to decide what to do with my INFINITE CONUNDRUM. Perhaps I shouldn't be trying to blog with these holes in my brain. Perhaps I should eat more butter toffee. Mmmm, Butter toffee.

Er, what was I saying? Oh yes, infinite conundrum. (I really like that phrase. Perhaps I should steal it from myself.) I decided to keep writing with my fractured timeline, and go back and write later.

This is for two reasons.
  1. I actually don't know how to re-write, never having done that. Or edit. Those are whole new skill sets, which will cause much weeping and possible ritual suicide. *happy smile*
  2. This may sound absurd, but I don't, actually, uh, feel at home in the setting of the first part of the story. This is because it's a, uh, high school. Before you laugh me out of town, know that I was home schooled! I have never been inside a high school during school hours, and it's such tacit knowledge for, like everybody, that it makes me nervous to bluff. So I need to research High Schools. *hides in shame* And honestly, it's more fun to research WWI class structure for the NEXT bit! *beams distractingly from hiding*
So that's that. I will write this weekend, I promise. And now a question, that I think sounded very fun! :D
If I came with a warning label, what would it say?


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Spartezda said...

Right? I don't think I could set anything in a highschool mental image is basically "Hell + lockers". Which, while possibly accurate, is not that great as far as using setting details in-story.

Snazel said...

And whenever I try to work out scheduling, I realize halfway through that the school has morphed into a college. Sigh.

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