Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Many random newsling bits! (I just had iced coffee, plz 2 escuse the italics.)

Okay! So, first of all, I was unwisely reading author interviews with a certain Sarah Rees Breenan who I might have mentioned in the past, and I came across a rather MAJOR spoiler for Demon's Lexicon. This caused me to exclaim "Oh DARN" out loud, and then I did the only logical thing. I tweeted her to complain about it.

And then, you guys, she REPLIED.

It's a true story. I mention this not because it makes me famous- (though really, I mean, someone who's toured with Scott Westerfield spoke to me on Twitter. You may all bask in my glow from over There-) I mention it because it's a very smart business move! Before THIS WONDROUS EVENT I had her book on my to-buy list, and I read her blog. Now that a great person who has been published spoke to me, I feel connected to the Great One, and her book is at the TOP of my list. *beams*

(Also, the same thing happened with Stephanie Perkins and Abby Rustad, back in the day, with similar Obsession-Inspiring results. I love you both passionately. Don't worry, I also live on a rock in the north atlantic. No need to fret!)

I OTHER news, Bahnree posted this video,
And my MC for the-novel-tenatively-known-as-J4 promptly broke into in my head, playing pool, fighting boys, smoking, and generally being Awesome Illegal. SO awesome Illegal. (Smoking kills, kids.) Perhaps I should do something about her anger issues...


Oh, and my other news? Right. My laptop, though I love it, I'm rather hard on it. Using a computer for 8+ hours a day every day for a year and half, and loaning it out to small siblings, apparently has a negative effect. (I'm so sorry, Yinsen. Plz 2 get better soon.) Right now, the screen doesn't work unless I hold it at an acute angle. Which means I either can't see what I'm typing, or I hold the computer at a spectacularly carpal-tunnel-incucing angle. This makes typing difficult. (I am not really patient when it comes to computers. Either it works NOW, or I give up on computers and just spend more time on youtube and/or facebook and/or LiveJournal.) My options to fix Yinsen are either;
  1. Send it away to the big hospital for computers in the city (separation for three-plus weeks?)
  2. Buy a new computer? (I don't function with Windows, so at least a grand and a half for an OS which doesn't inspire festive thoughts of suicide.)
  3. Or buy a DVI to mini-DVI adapter and use a secondary monitor liberated from Daddy. (Twenty dollars from Apple Canada, at least two weeks shipping, maybe more.)
I'm leaning towards option three, but either way, what this boils down to is that I'm not going to be posting or writing in type very much for the next little while. At least until the new year. I plan on writing on paper (gasp!) and reading some of my lovely new books.

I know, I can hear you weeping from here. Try to get over it and have a good Christmas, Kay?


Bahnree said...

*stares at crazy famous person*
"Don't worry, I also live on a rock in the north atlantic. No need to fret!"

*points and laughs at video*

Poor Yinsen! HAO 2 HELP! F4!

Snazel said...

FFour! I seriously am slightly obsessed with that video. :D *watches again*

Bahnree said...

You have no idea, my friend. No. Idea.

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