Sunday, October 10, 2010

Entering into my 23rd hour awake and reading. Wonders really do never cease.

Books Completed: 10
  • Emma, Jane Austen (Sponsored Book)
  • Is Your Momma a Llama? Written by Deborah Guarino, Illustrated by Steven Kellogg (Sponsored Book)
  • CLICK, CLACK, MOO. Cows That Type. By Doreen Cronin. Pictures by Betsey Lewis (Sponsored Book)
  • Paranormalcy, Kiersten White
  • 2nd Samuel, GOD, (Sponsored Book)
  • Passages: Darien's Rise, Paul McCusker (Sponsored Book)
  • Unnatural Death, Dorothy L. Sayers
  • Song Of Solomon (Sponsored Book)
  • Intertwined, Gena Showalter
  • The Deadlies: Felix Takes The Stage, Kathryn Lansky
In Progress:
  • Star Wars: 501st, Karen Traviss (Sponsored Book

Pages Read: 1912
Coffees: 1
Teas: 1
Sodas: 5?
Gummy Worms: I've been a massacre all by myself.

In other news, it's now light outside again. ODD.

If you wanna sponsor my reading to help kids with Cancer, you do that HERE.
Books I've pledged to read in 24 hours: 7


Bahnree said...

Hehe I totally missed out on the gummy worm massacre....ah well.

Snazel said...

Hehehe. Next time. Next time.

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