Saturday, October 9, 2010

Read-a-thon Update 3: Sunspot

Currently I'm hanging out in a sunspot. This meets with my complete approval. :D Oh, and I'm done with Emma. w00t! It was lovely, though my WORD those people talk a lot, and it went on for a while at the end.

Then I read two picture books I was sponsored to read, out loud to my siblings, with laryngitis. :P Now I think I will tackle something more my style. Yay for Paranormalcy!

Books Completed: 3
  • Emma, Jane Austen (Sponsored Book)
  • Is Your Momma a Llama? Written by Deborah Guarino, Illustrated by Steven Kellogg (Sponsored Book)
  • CLICK, CLACK, MOO. Cows That Type. By Doreen Cronin. Pictures by Betsey Lewis (Sponsored Book)
Pages Read: 463
Coffees: 1

If you wanna sponsor my reading to help kids with Cancer, you do that HERE.
Books I've pledged to read in 24 hours: 7


Mister said...

Sunspots rock. I had to move to one while I was outside for a bit. Man my nose is cold!

Grats on reading Emma! Feel better? :)

Mister said...
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Bahnree said...

PARANORMALCY IS SO MUCH FUN! I really want to reread it.

Snazel said...

@Mister: Yes I do, actually. Full of triumph. :D And Especially because I can articulate why those aren't exactly my style of book now. ON TO THE FUN STUFF.
@Bahnree: Heheheheheheheh. Yes. *cuddles copy*

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you loved Emma :)

Paranormal books are certainly good picks for the readathon!

Mister said...

Books pile up
Take one from the top
Take another, Flip right thru
Find the one that just suits you Read read read, don’t stop!

Snazel said...

@irison: I read a lot of Paranormal! So it's kinda comfort food for me.
@Mister:All RIGHT, yes SIR!

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