Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catching up for yesterday's fail.

Word Count:
  • Daily: 690
  • Overall: 33,616
Huh. That means, to be caught up by the end of today, I need to write over six thousand words. Huh. Imma go buy some black eyed peas, and get back to you, kay?

Oh, you want a reason why I failed? End of year party at work. I spent five hours on a bus and my laptop battery died after two hours, and then there was the party, meal and being social (gasp) and my roommate not wanting to be kept up by my halting typing at night. Well, I didn't ask her, but it would be kinda rude to do so. Also I'm a lightweight. Scratch that, featherweight. And sleeping seemed like a really good idea at the time. LOOK AT ALL MY EXCUSES AREN"T THEY PRETTY? (Yes, I live so far into the back of beyond that it requires a day on the bus and a night in a hotel to attend my work end of year party.)

Okay I'll go write now.
*shuffles off*


Bahnree said...

Yeahhhh I'm aiming for 4k today but haven't started....we can both shoot for the moon today!

Snazel said...

The moon is GOING DOWN. *turns on sick puppies*

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