Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nanowrimo? Let's fight.

I was fangirling about the lovely outfit which one of my character has, and my sister Quadropod, BLESS HER, decided that the outfit sounded cool! So she decided to draw her! I squee! So here is Nanami, in her Alternate World/Steampunk regalia. I was/am happy.

I also am sick, and my cheekbones hurt, which is new. I think my wisdom teeth are coming in too. YAY.

Maybe the cheekbones are connected to the teeth? I hate the dentist. YAY.

I GET to go to the dentist! Maybe. Perhaps this is just congestion. *hopes*

And final word count for the day:
Too bad I couldn't pull out another 32 words, but... :D That gives me something to strive towards. I kinda wrote all the scenes that I had in my head already, too. So that's jolly. I think tomorrow I'll start a riot. And possibly police without Miranda Rights. Or should I keep them? I'm unsure. OOOOhhhh, I'll keep them, and the bad guys can ignore rights. :D That's a better plan. Fare Well, internets!


Merc said...

Nice outfit!

I also approve of your plan. B-)

Snazel said...

Thanks. :D I ended up kinda leaving the plan behind, but I shall return to it later! *strokes shiny lack-of-rights*

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