Thursday, November 19, 2009

"What WAS that?" "I was on fire, that is all you need to know."

So every writer has three inhabitants of her (or his) mind; Muse, Inner Editor, and Burnout. You know it's true!

Anyhow, in talking to my friendlies today, we had a little too much fun describing parts of our inner unholy trinities.
  • Neldor said her Burnout was kinda pathetic and shy but smart, a bad kisser (he says he knows how to french kiss, just let him show you!) but cuddly, and looks rather like Mr. Universe, from Serenity. (Later updates prove that he's only shy and or pathetic to get you in his arms (and not writing). Clever boy.)
  • Kemendraugh said her Muse was a clean, bright, shiny poster boy with great teeth (even when he's hungover,) and Burnout was a bad boy, with leather, leather, chains, tongue piercing, leather, spiked hair, studs, and leather.
  • My Inner Editor is a snarky teenage boy who keeps laughing sooo sarcastically at my writing, but secretly adores it and wants to play with it, (he's cute too, and clever) and my Burnout is a quick-tempered bad boy with many piercings and messy dyed hair, who tends to be abusive but thinks I'm hot (and a bad kisser and too bony to cuddle but we can work on that) and spends WAY too much time writing, when I should be learning how to kiss, or fight, or make him a pie, or JUST PUT DOWN THE LAPTOP AND GET OVER HERE. Sorta thing.

So, yes. I need to fully describe these gorgeous boys, sometime. My Muse is still hiding, the silly. If you do write up a description of your unholy trinity- (and please, do!)- tell me about it in the comments, or something. :D

In terms of writing, here's my wordcount;
  • Daily: 3,143
  • Overall: 44,939
YEAH, that's right, I finally hit my word count for the day! GO SNAZEL YOU ARE AWESOME. *cough*

I forgot to post this, but here's the wordle of my 40k mark! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!
(Why yes, I motivate myself with wordles. Why, is it that obvious?)


Bahnree said...

So *MY* problem right now, is that my Muse is alive and kicking, but I physically have NO TIME. Today I was seduced by firebreathers during my break and pink costumes during class so I wasn't able to get anything written. :(

Oh but your Burnout Boys make me chortle! ^________^

Snazel said...

Firebreathers and pink costumes. You MUST tell me more. :D

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