Thursday, November 12, 2009

"For I am a Mystery, For I am a locked room.."

Word Count;
  • Daily: 2,051
  • Overall: 31,395
Not up to count. DO I CARE? NO. NO I DO NOT.

Though I do need to learn how to get inspired earlier in the day. Work tomorrow, and travel on the weekend. Yeeha!

In other news, I broke 30 k. *shy* So I get to put up a new wordle! *dances* Oh my, simple minds, simple pleasures. It's so true.

Laura is almost up to size with the others! That's cause Adam is trying so hard to ignore the hussy over there. *smirks* Ahem.

Does anyone want excerpts any more?


Anonymous said...

Umm, YES! More writings? Please?

Snazel said...


Okay! I'll try to find something less abysmal than ususual. :D

Merc said...

Whee! Good work on the wc. B-)

*will catch up on blogs probably never but anyway*

Snazel said...

Thanks Merc! :D

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