Sunday, November 1, 2009


Word Count: 1771

Have a quote:
Ten minutes of milling later, she had managed to ascertain that this crowd seemed to have no limits, and also, as an added bonus, seemed to contain no one she knew. It did contain police on horseback though. She could see them above the crowd, directing people incomprehensibly. There was a scream to her right, “FIRE!” The crowd surged menacingly, suddenly becoming full of people taller and heavier than her. Nanami was sandwiched in between two large people, who seemed to not notice her presence as anything more than a minor irritant stopping them from betting six inches closer to their destination. She drove her elbow into the stomach of the man to her right. He made a huffing noise at her. It was safe to say, given his furious and desperate expression, that he would have said hurtful and cutting things, if he hadn’t just had the breath forcibly removed from his lungs. She drove her heel into the arch of his foot to make sure he wouldn’t comment further.

I set a Zeppelin on fire. MANY Zeppelins. *beams*


Merc said...

Whee! I highly approve of burning zeppelins. B-)

Snazel said...

Thank you! :D It was lots of fun.

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