Monday, August 24, 2009

After Action, Expendables

So I couldn't resist doing a Wordle of my finished draft. IS THAT A CRIME?


Well, who cares what you think anyhow?


Anyhow. I'm including this "reaction chat" from Bahnree, cause it makes me smile inside, and also I think it sums up my novel pretty well. "What, he died? When did this happen? WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME LAUGH AT DYING CHILDREN?!?" Ahem. And I'm feeling nostalgic for my charas, who I tortured for so long. Yeah. *is lame*
9:20:13 PM Bahnree: i replied and am now reading
9:24:18 PM Bahnree: reading
9:24:20 PM Bahnree: reading
9:24:28 PM Bahnree: giggles madly
9:24:42 PM Bahnree: whahhattt?
9:26:34 PM Bahnree: right
9:28:31 PM Bahnree: what the heckkkkkkk
9:30:34 PM Bahnree: wow you make me cry
9:30:44 PM Bahnree: you also make me laugh
9:30:49 PM Bahnree: when you use Obama as profanity
9:32:01 PM Bahnree: this is really disturbing
9:40:52 PM Bahnree: rofl
9:40:58 PM Bahnree: i can't believe i'm laughing
9:41:03 PM Bahnree: it's like laugh, cry, laugh, cry
9:41:12 PM Bahnree: which is appropriate, seeing as it's you
9:44:47 PM Bahnree: bites back a laugh
9:44:50 PM Bahnree: I AM NOT LAUGHING
9:44:51 PM Bahnree: ahem
9:47:21 PM Bahnree: Wait, Tenish died?????
9:47:45 PM Bahnree: i think i missed that
9:51:15 PM Bahnree: LOL
9:51:15 PM Bahnree: ahem
9:51:25 PM Bahnree: i refuse to laugh, i forgot
10:01:22 PM Bahnree: lolz
10:01:25 PM Bahnree: AGH ANOTHER LAUGH
10:01:29 PM Bahnree: this is so unfunny
10:01:33 PM Bahnree: i've never read anything so unfunny
10:03:34 PM Bahnree: I love the part when jennet runs in and yells at petria and appel, and runs out, and they're actually being wholesome for once
10:03:41 PM Bahnree: but i refuse to laugh virtuous
10:06:32 PM Bahnree: you are an evil person



Bahnree said...

Hey, look!!!! I am now famous!!!

Nice Wordle.

Congrats again and looking forward to Merchant's Daughter!!! (the first part of which is waiting for me in my inbox AS WE SPEAK.

Snazel said...

Heh heh heh heh *is laughing to keep from crying*

That's SO BAD.

Merc said...

Hahaha! That's awesome--I love the Wordle and Bahnree's chat. O:)

On to the next project, yes?

Snazel said...

Yes! ^_& I think that's a monacle. Ahem

Yes, Bahnree's chat was too awesome not to share. :D And I just like Wordle. :D

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