Thursday, August 20, 2009

TGIO, Nano 08

It's done.

I'm done.

This weight on my back for the last eight months is gone? *doesn't know how to deal with this strange lightness*





*slaps self*

Okay, sleep is clearly in order. But first, some stats! *cheerful smile*

  • Word Count: 1608
  • Scenes: 3
Since Nov. 1 08
  • Word count: 284,232
  • Days: 293
  • Word Count Per Day: 970
Since Bahnree's Death Threats
  • Word Count: 78,432
  • Days : 44 (I think?)
  • Word Count Per Day: 1,783
*goes off to eat watermelon and laugh madly*


Bahnree said...

That is truly formidable.

Snazel said...

*is tres formidable*

Merc said...

Whoo! Awesome job and congrats on finishing (and saving Varish). ;) :D

*throws flaming confetti for you*

Snazel said...

*basks in the glow of flaming confetti*

Thank you!

Bahnree said...

Did I mention I'm proud of you? ^_^

Spartezda said...

Dang, girl. Impressive!

(I hope no one ever does death threat writing for me, because, um. The character would probably die)

Snazel said...


Thank you, Bahnree! Your motivation made ALL the difference. :D

Well, Sparky, maybe for you people would set an actually reasonable goal? Or you would bloodily immobilize your inner editor and pull words out of your feather hair sticks? I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. :D

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