Thursday, August 13, 2009

"And everybody was for fighting/wouldn't wanna waste a thing/ cold cold water bring me round..."

Free Jazz:
I am
Well, aside from the fact that everybody dies, and Kael goes crazy and kills herslf
I think I've identified the source of the problem.

So it's done. This scene is totally on drugs, but some kind of a pattern for the rewrite is down in text. I need to back this up... *runs away briefly*

I have to say though, this scene was insanely hard to write. It was the one that sparked this story for me in the first place, only by now all the characters are quite different, as well as the tech and what I have of plot. So I have this really vivid picture in my head, that doesn't WORK, so I have to keep shooing it away. Also, well, I'm writing from inside Kael's head. When you catch yourself thinking ~this would just make more sense if I was on drugs, then I could get the real feel of it~ this should be a sign to you that you have issues. I've only been trying to write it since Monday? *sigh* I can also attribute the hard-ness of the scene to the fact that I'm doing my traditional reaction to a Big Scene, and loosing interest, as well as doing my traditional reaction to The End Is In Sight, and saying I'm so close that it hardly matters, I can write that tomorrow. All very healthful and good for me. And my story.


And this is a big however. This scene OFFICIALLY marks the end of Kael's trauma. Everything from here out for her is good, even when it makes her cry. (Especially when it makes her cry.) Jennet is still going to be traumatized just a little, but I promise it's for the best! You get to be Kick-Ass, Jennet! Isn't that what you want?

I'll go sleep now. Tomorrow Dulamon gets to be awesome, and we make Kael cry! *happy smile*

You Noticed!


Spartezda said...

~this would just make more sense if I was on drugs, then I could get the real feel of it~

*cackles* But that's the sign of a scene that's probably awesome for a reader!

Snazel said...

I hope so, I really do. :P I just have a lot of those, so I'm not sure how well they translate.

Merc said...

*seconds Spartezda's comment* O:) Entirely.

Snazel said...

You people make me nervous. :D

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