Saturday, August 8, 2009

The day was devoured by locusts.

I won a hat in time for #hatday.

Wordcount is 0.

Concert was fun. I like prog-metal, who knew. (Those of you with special minds- Don't. Just don't.)

I got attacked by a plot bunny at work.

I ALMOST went to a dance, but sanity won over research.

My ears are ringing like woah.

I am so tired.


Merc said...

*sighs and doesn't go there, FINE, be that way*

Glad you had fun (?) at least. O:)

*offers cookies*

(Also, sorry there are no chapters. *is bad and forgot* I will do TWO tomorrow.)

Snazel said...

*eats cookies tiredly*

*looks forward to chapters*

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