Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Lay me down in sheets of linen/If you please don't stay all night/Come with me we'll dance such a wedding/Away to the left and around/To the right"

This is my 200th post. Go me. All are very profound, I'm sure.

Word Count: 5,488
Scenes: 6

My hands hurt. However, I can now say with no little degree of triumph, that all the MAIN scenes are done. *not thinking about the plot holes and savage lack of quality, nope* Now I just have to deal with one last trauma for Jennet and write the stuff that deals with the side charas, and fills in some gaping "what just happened?" holes. Piece of cake.


Did I mentioned that we had Kemendraugh's itinerary wrong, and she's not back till the 20th? Yep. So that's why my lack of panic and/or open triumph. I still am honour bound (HA) to fix some of the easy issues before she gets back.

My head hurts too. Sleep, you are so my friend.


Merc said...

That's a heckuva wordcount for one day, nice job! *offers pain-relief cookies*

(And yes, I know this is days late. But whatever.)

Yay 200th post. :D

Snazel said...

Thank you! I shall throw the cookies back through time and eat them when needed.

Past!Snazel: "They were yummy."

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