Thursday, August 6, 2009

I got a letter from England! Squeee!!!!

Word Count: 1,452
Scenes: 2.3

Next is basically flashbacks and trauma. Then we have political DRAMA and backstabbing, which I love, and then sappy, and then I'm done. *shock and awe*

I'm also incapable of sitting upright any more, so I'm gonna collapse.


Merc said...

*dances and saves as a carrot*

Snazel said...

I think it's just a baby carrot. Possibly with mold on it. Don't pin your hopes high. At all. :D Also, isn't LJ down?

Merc said...

Yeah, LJ has been down on and off today... sometimes I can get on, sometimes I can't. *saves the moldy baby carrot for later anyway* %-)

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