Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The music was actually inspired, by, this pet praying mantis. We had when we were in college. It had all these babies." "Yeah"

Word Count: 4,167
Scenes: 4
Characters killed: 2

WAHHHHHHH!!! *wails* I've never killed anyone before! *more abject weeping* Well, that was a lie. I mean, I've killed lots of side characters, and nameless guards who don't DESERVE names, and rather a lot of people in backstory. But never characters who I liked, and knew as friends! (Oh, hush, if you didn't know my sanity was tenuous before you started reading this blog, why are you even here?) I kept finding them outs, and leaving ways, if only, they could make it out. But, yeah. I am a cruel woman. Almost prolific, but cruel.

In other news, I invented some oblivious, cheerful archivists who don't know about the torture in other branches of their work, and I am REFUSING to be worried about their fate. The whole organization is going to undergo reorganization, okay? Okay.


Merc said...

*applauds* I know it's tough to kill the ones you like *cough* but good for you for doing it. %-)

(I have realized, shockingly, I have plans to kill way too many people, but not all of them have _died on the page_ yet. I mean, yes, I've killed people. People I like. But not as many as I need to... only because I haven't, um, written the books yet. But still! I think I need to get back in evil author shape, I feel like I'm slipping. :o)

*gives you writing cookies* (They can be customized to any flavor you wish.)

Also, it is still technically Sunday on my end, so hah. :P


Bahnree said...

Whew, be strong, love!!!!

Your quote reminds me of an episode of Buffy: tVS. :P

Snazel said...

I still think deaths, when properly done, are awesome. It's just the properly done bit which defeats me, and of course they're HARD.

*accepts writing cookies* *munches*

Snazel said...

Thank you, Bahree! :D I feel better now that I've slept. ANd the quote was from Live At Abbey Road, MGMT talking about the song Time To Pretend. They really seemed like they were stoned. Or maybe they were just naturally giggly.

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