Saturday, July 25, 2009

This needs a title, but my eyes are stuck open and I therefore cannot think of one. It's a complicated emotion.

Word Count: 3,621
Scenes: 4

*victory dance*
I was pretty sure this day was gonna be a fail. But interestingly enough, once I was tired enough I could look at a screen without twitching, I got some words done! Who would have guessed! But now my eyes hurt from being open, and I realized another scene I might have to write before I'm done. Or maybe I'll just allude to it...

I am so excited to be done. You have no idea.

Also, Jennet went out to look for children and came back with a gun. Sometimes that girl scares me. And Petria is GOOD at making people jealous, I can tell you that right now. Too bad Appel's good too, and he uses different methods. I heart those two. I need to shut up and sleep. Only now I'm scared of my dreams, due to certain bizzaro fiction I read today. *sigh* Think happy thoughts about happy things! Like the fights I get to write next! Yes, happy... ^_^


Merc said...

If you have bizarro dreams you don't want, send them my way. O:)

*offers sweet dream cookies*


Some may question if Merc's sweet dreams are, ah, on the same mental level as OTHER people's but... you know. It's the thought that counts, right?

(Nice wc!)

Snazel said...

*accepts dream cookies*

*om nom nom*

And my dreams were only vaguely disquieting, so the cookies must have worked! ^_^ Yes, it was the thought, I'm sure.

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