Sunday, July 26, 2009

"What I’m getting out of this is that Star Trek: Voyager and Battlestar Galactica had a baby, and it grew up and converted to Stargate as a teenager."

Word Count: 1,641
Scenes: 2

I went to a picnic today, which ate my time. Also, I'm tired. And Merc is distracting! And my siblings kept being FRIENDLY, curse them.


*trails off*


Okay, I admit it, I was distracted. But hey, I got SOMETHING written, hey? Even though Bahnree can tell without doubt that its on drugs. On many much drugs. Which is saddening because the drugs were all in my writing, I only had tea IRL. *is saddened* (*Says nothing about the torture which Bahnree had to enact before I would write more than a hundred words.*)

*shifty eyes*

However, I do with a clear conscience lay some of the blame on the heads of the people I was writing today. *I* had nothing to do with it, I just had to spend most of my time extricating them from each other's rooms and putting them into some clothes. NOT my fault. *innocent* This is supposed to be YA, after all. *tries not to think too hard about that*

Anyway, today was hard, I am blameless, and here's an excerpt from a day when my writing was slightly more sober. Yes, those days do occur. :D
I'll bring the punch


Spartezda said...

We'll bring the punch


Awesome excerpt, ty. %-)

Bahnree said...

If I have to torture Varish for you again, I'm going to be Displeased. *glowers*

Merc said...

Wheeee! *bounces*

Also, the humor cracks me up. :D *is very fond of excerptness* B-)

*sighs at there being no more* Woes! Ah well, maybe tomorrow...

Thanks for posting. :D

Snazel said...

Thank you, Spartezda and Merc. :D

AUGh! I'm sorry Bahnree! I'll be good!

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