Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"It might be better if if there were more plot than "lalala happy CRUNCH screamingblooddeath lalala some recovery CRUNCHx2 NO DO-OVERS.""

Word Count: 1,647
Scenes: 2.4 (Arbitrary stats FTW!)

I'm kinda scared by being this close to the end. Every scene I have left is one that's been riding me for a minimum of eight months, and so they're all fearsome and awesome to write. I probably should have given up an hour ago and gone to sleep. I "look" like I'm already in a trance, I'm just not quite horizontal yet. Anyhow. I'm sure that was edifying. And I'm working on a thoughtful blog post. :P You know, one of those mythical ones that is written with intact language centers of brains? I thought I'd give it a shot.

Hehe, I amuse myself.

I need to shut up.

Oh, and I just realized that one of my side characters could actually be awesome, given the right circumstances, so I think I'll give her a good death scene.


This excerpt is part of some fun stuff I wrote with Kemendraugh, back when she had internet and when I couldn't kill anyone. She said I could have one of hers to kill. And then I ended up killing her favorite characters instead. *winces* Ouch, I'm a bad man.
Why are you blowing up my cell?


Bahnree said...

hehehehe excellent.

I'm glad you're approaching the end. :) Sanity, or, rather, as close as YOU get to sanity, will be refreshing, no?

Snazel said...

Hehehe. Yes. Yes it shall. I shall read things. And, well, i won't know what to do with myself! Prepare for Nano. :D

Spartezda said...

Aha! *discovers excerpt late, due to her computer cruelly restarting overnight and closing all her tabs*

Mmm, explosives. And pretty femme fatales! And hapless prisoners!

Merc said...

Wheee! *hearts and enjoys muchly*

Also: “Why are you blowing up my cell?” is made of WIN, I tell you. *cackles*

D'you mind if I used that quote in my gmail status? O:)

Snazel said...

I don't mind at all, Merc! ^_^ But that was Kemendraugh's line, not mine. So as she's afk, I shall give permission on her behalf. *gives permission*

Danek, Spartezda. :D ALso, I have a really interesting anthro mental picture of you, which I blame on your fox. Just thought I would share.

Merc said...

Wheee! Thanks. %-)

Spartezda said...

Ooh, yay anthropomorphic fox personas! %-) *does not object at all, given she is the Feral Biologist*

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