Friday, July 17, 2009

This is my state of mind.

Notice the cars passing in the rain. I had to try three times before I could type "rain." It just kept coming out "rian." Which is a wonderful name.


Bahnree said...

Whewwwwww I'm addicted to this. Whenever I want to see your face, THIS is what I will be watching. Just thought you should know that.

(it's funnier at 11:12 PM, too!)

(the word I have to type into the little box is gatspi, which is like Gatsby, which is like the Great Gatsby. That makes me laugh)

Snazel said...

Hehehehehe. AHem.

Glad to have assisted in your, addictions? o.O
And yes, these things DO get funnier closer to midnight. ^_^

Merc said...

Is it disturbing the ord verification is "weltran" (I read it as train)? o.O

Hehehe... the state of MY mind is currently blank. Plus, I can't fit a camera up there... %-)

Snazel said...

I'm sad your camera isn't as talented as mine. *sad face*

Merc said...

Maybe if I can genetically engineer the camera I can pull it off. %-)

Snazel said...

Sure! You can do ANYTHING! *big eyes*

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