Thursday, July 23, 2009

"This time two wrongs's gonna make it right..."

Word Count: 2,194
Scenes: 2
Character-who-I-had-forgotten-about-who-is-lovely: Carmanita. Hardworking, loyal as all get-out, and yeah. I hope you survive.

I'm starting to be concerned about who actually survives. Plot-wise, I only need two characters to make it through, and one who was not connected to the, um, thing. That's happening. HEY, that's what I'm writing tomorrow, I'd forgotten the point of that scenes. Ahem. Good, to know.

Hey, you know something I also found out today? Something that's vexing? To have your plot sink its fangs into your head during breakfast and start gnawing. To be at the point that your hands are twitching to write. And then to go to work for 7.5 hours. Not the best thing ever. But I got home eventually! And then, broken by a brief interlude when i realized it was my parent's 26th wedding anniversary, bought them chocolate, and then they returned it lovingly because they're on a diet- I wrote.

And I talked someone out of something, which probably only means I've never been REALLY depressed. But still! I can make it darker in the revision! Go Jole, go Carmanita, go sillies! I need to be awake in six hours, which should make tomorrow interesting.

OMG I love my story. Lies. I love that I have finally fallen off the cliff, and the ground is approaching with cheerful haste. And my characters make me happy. *hugs them all* *goes to repair her stab wounds* *yes, Howling is SO dead*

I know that made no sense. This is me we're talking about, what did you expect?

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