Saturday, July 25, 2009

Run On Sentences Rock My World

I thought, since there's, like, three whole* new people who are reading this blog, and they haven't read any of my so-called writing, that I'd jump on the excerpt bandwagon. Also, formatting this post buys me almost five whole minutes of procrastination time, and I'm out of tea to procrastinate by making. My logic is without peer.

*Perhaps not "whole" people, because they seem to be pretty much insane in the best of ways, which lends its self to being mildly shattered.



Spartezda said...

Fun! :D

(also, I have such sympathy for the shoe thing. Mine is pants. Also driver's license and airplane tickets.

...Yeah, I look pretty spastic at airplane boarding O:) )

Snazel said...

Hey, everybody looks spastic at airplane boarding. Unless they're despicably well-traveled, and we're not talking to them anyhow.

An glad you liked it. :P

Merc said...


Ahahahaha! *adores* Best description ever. %-)

I enjoyed the excerpt, I think I want to read this novel. O:)


Snazel said...

Hehhuh. *cough* It's, uh, really long. And best described as plot-less, or maybe reduced-plot, if you're generous. *chokes on novel's lack of novel'ness*

I'll try to put up more excerpts? *panicky eyes*

Merc said...


Fear not, Wolf's novel is kinda reduced-plot in many sections as well. O:)

More excerpts would be awesome. :D

Snazel said...

But Wolf is TEH SHINYEST. *big eyes*

Ahem. *cough* *goes back to writing*

I made an "excerpt" tag then, and tagged the other one I had up. ^_^ To motivate me, and all.

Merc said...

Tags are good.

Aww, so glad you like Wolf! :D *beams*

I can also poke you for excerpts if you'd like. I is good at poking. %-)

Snazel said...

I am aware, in case that's not clear, that I probably SHOULDN"T like Wolf. But I'm far away, and so on. ^_^

Yes, I did get the sense you might be good at poking. Just a feeling. Do I get to poke back??!?!?! *is suddenly seized with glee* *pokes*

Merc said...

Wheeee! Poke away. :D %-) It's how I get, um, things done rather than slacking off. O:)

Snazel said...

*pokes* Post! Write! Present people with moral choices! All the fun stuff! :D

Spartezda said...

Bwahahaha! Excellent, I have an ally in poking! *dances the We Are Invincible, You Fools! Dance*

Snazel said...

This sounds like a fun dance! *dances along* *throws hair ties, for dramatic effect*

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